Doane Winter_Spring Sale

SALE $166.00 $194.00 $244.00 $283.00 $317.00 $424.00 List Price LMP-BA10341230 1 adj. shelf 30”h $255.00 LMP-BA20341242 2 adj. shelves 42”h $299.00 LMP-BA30341252 3 adj. shelves 52”h $375.00 LMP-BA30341260 3 adj. shelves 60”h $435.00 LMP-BA40341272 4 adj. shelves 72”h $487.00 LMP-BA50341282 5 adj. shelves 82”h $652.00 IN STOCK: Putty / Black / Lt. Grey These premium, heavy-duty metal bookcases feature heavy gauge steel shelves adjustable on 1”centers with 200 lb. shelf capacity . They are shipped set-up. All are 34 1/2”w x 13”d. Shelf depth is 12 1/8”. AARCO Syncoat Magnetic Dry Erase Markerboards The unique Syncoat writing surface offers exceptional stain and wear resistance. Syncoat’s high gloss finish exhibits exceptional writing and erasing qualities. Synthetic resin surface applied to light gauge steel in a carefully controlled process that provides a uniform finish. 7 TENNSCO ™ Lockers Tennsco lockers are built to be durable and quiet. Heavy- gauge steel doors on single-tier and double-tier lockers are designed with door stiffeners, cushioned locking channels, rubber bumpers, and an ultra-smooth latching mechansim which work together to reduce noise and improve door operations. Assembled Double-Tier, 2 Opening Locker TNN-DTS-121836-A 12”w List Price: $392.00 SALE: $314.00 Assembled Double-Tier, 6 Opening Locker TNN-DTS-121836-C 36”w List Price: $923.00 SALE: $738.00 IN STOCK: Med. Gray / Sand Sandusky-LEE Storage Cabinets Double door storage cabinets with adjustable shelves and 3 point locking system. 72”High Storage Cabinet LMP-CA41361872 - 36”w x 18”d List Price: $698.00 SALE: $454.00 78”High Storage Cabinet LMP-CA41362478 - 36”w x 24”d List Price: $872.00 SALE: $567.00 IN STOCK: Putty/Black/Lt. Grey $76.00 $126.00 $223.00 $288.00 METAL STORAGE AND MARKERBOARDS AARCO Pure Glass Markerboards These high performance boards are made of durable tempered glass. Their high gloss, non-porous surface provides a silky smooth writing surface that cleans easily. 1/4” Pure Glass Markerboards $326.00 $393.00 $544.00 $630.00 Sandusky LEE ® Metal Bookcases TENNSCO ™ Shelving Shelves are 1/2”thick particleboard, adjusts in 1 1/2”increments, and will support up to 1,000 lbs evenly distributed. Boltless as- sembly requires only a rubber mallet to snap the shelf supports into the uprights. Units can be assembled as a 5-shelf unit or as two units (one two-shelf and one three-shelf unit). Stur-D-Stor Shelving Units TNN-LSS-361872 36”w x 18”d x 72”h (Load capacity 1,000 lbs.) List Price: $212.00 SALE: $170.00 TNN-LSS-482484 48”w x 24”d x 84”h (Load capacity 850 lbs.) List Price: $274.00 SALE: $219.00 IN STOCK: Sand List Price SALE AAR-APS2436 24” x 36” $97.06 AAR-APS3648 36” x 48” $160.36 AAR-APS4872 48” x 72” $284.85 AAR-APS4896 48” x 96” $368.20 List Price SALE AAR-6WGB3648 36” x 48” $416.73 AAR-6WGB4848 48” x 48” $503.24 AAR-6WGB4872 48” x 72” $696.30 AAR-6WGB4896 48” x 96” $807.08