Doane Winter_Spring Sale

PROTECTIVE PLEXIGLASS PANELS 4 Designed to protect from microbial transmission in your workspace Front Panel Protection Side-to-Side Protection Training Table Protection Desk Protection Panel Cubicle Mount Protection • Top can fit up to 3/8” (10 mm) of plexiglass • Bottom can fit up to 2 1/3” (60mm) of panel or desk Swivels so worksurface can be divided Patent Pending Model# Size (1/4” thick) List Price SALE TER-052103 24”W x 24”H $140.00 $75.00 TER-052105 30”W x 24”H $165.00 $89.00 TER-052107 36”W x 24”H $185.00 $100.00 TER-052109 42”W x 24”H $215.00 $116.00 TER-052111 48”W x 24”H $235.00 $126.00 TER-052113 60”W x 24”H $275.00 $148.00 Panel Sizes (clear): Model# Description List Price SALE TER-052119 Panel Clamp (2 per set) $75.00 $41.00 TER-052121 Desk Clamp (2 per set) $75.00 $41.00 PRM-PLTSDTM Universal Desk Bracket $57.00 $27.00 PRM-PLTSBUDMSGL Edge Mount Bracket $68.00 $32.00 PRM-PLTSBUDMDUAL Dual Desk Mount Bracket $88.00 $41.00 Bracket Options: TER-052119 TER-052121 PRM-PLTSDTM Can be used above worksurface only PRM-PLTSBUDMSGL Can be used above worksurface only PRM-PLTSBUDMDUAL Can be used between 2 shared surfaces