2022 Office Furniture Catalog_Standard

Rectangular Table Tops PRM-PLT2436 24”d x 36”w $285.00 PRM-PLT2442 24”d x 42”w $288.00 PRM-PLT2448 24”d x 48”w $325.00 PRM-PLT2460 24”d x 60”w $367.00 PRM-PLT2466 24”d x 66”w $400.00 PRM-PLT2472 24”d x 72”w $400.00 PRM-PLT3048 30”d x 48”w $355.00 PRM-PLT3060 30”d x 60”w $441.00 PRM-PLT3066 30”d x 66”w $469.00 PRM-PLT3072 30”d x 72”w $469.00 PRM-PLT3672 36”d x 72”w $568.00 Black Modesty Panels PRM-PLTM60 12”h $181.00 for 60”w tops PRM-PLTM72 12”h $210.00 for 72”w tops T Leg PRM-PLT-TLEG24 24” leg/Blk $229.00 PRM-PLT-TLEG30 30” leg/Blk $246.00 Casters for T Leg - Set of 2 PRM-PLT-CASTERS $40.00 Round Post Leg - Black or Silver PRM-PLTLEGP $124.00 Offset Square Post Leg - Silver PRM-PLTSQPOSTLEG $243.00 (ALL LEGS ABOVE SOLD BY THE EACH) Ganging Hardware PRM-PLT-GC $67.00 (1) PRM-PLT2460 (4) PRM-PLTLEGP (1) PRM-PLTM60 Total List: $1,044.00 List Price Premiera® by Performance has an affordable, highly modular system of freestanding and connecting tables which can be linked together to address conferencing, training, and worktable needs.They provide flexibility and durability, and will also bring style and warmth to the workplace. Many configurations for your individual needs are possible with Premiera®. SEE PAGE 104 FOR CHAIR SHOWN SEE PAGE 104 FOR CHAIR SHOWN SEE PAGE 104 FOR CHAIR SHOWN List Price Perforated Modesty Panels(LIMITED SUPPLY) PRM-MMP1841PERF-SI 41” $154 PRM-MMP1853PERF-SI 53” $181 PRM-MMP1865PERF-SI 65” $210 PREMIERA I TRAINING Cherry Newport Gray Modern Walnut Aspen Mocha In Stock PLT Finish Options White Select Items W W W W W W W 62