2022 Office Furniture Catalog_Standard

Newport Gray Modern Walnut Aspen Cherry Mocha In Stock Finish Options White Electric Height Adjustable Table Base PRM-PLTEAB4872MEDNF List Price: $1,985.00 • 3-stage legs • 2 motors • Height range w/ top 24.5” to 50” • Accommodates 48”w to 72”w tops. • Weight rating - 265 lbs. • Deluxe remote and gyro sensor Feet for Electric Height Adjustable Table Base PRM-PLTHATFEET24w/ 24”d Tops List Price: $174.00 PRM-PLTHATFEET30w/30”d Tops List Price: $174.00 IN STOCK: Black/Silver Standard Laminate Tops List Price PRM-PLT2436 24”d x 36”w $285.00 PRM-PLT2442 24”d x 42”w $288.00 PRM-PLT2448 24”d x 48”w $325.00 PRM-PLT2460 24”d x 60”w $367.00 PRM-PLT2466 24”d x 66”w $400.00 PRM-PLT2472 24”d x 72”w $400.00 PRM-PLT3048 30”d x 48”w $355.00 PRM-PLT3060 30”d x 60”w $441.00 PRM-PLT3066 30”d x 66”w $469.00 PRM-PLT3072 30”d x 72”w $469.00 Acrylic Privacy Dividers PRM-PLTAP1524S 24”w x 15”h $229.00 PRM-PLTAP1530S 30”w x 15”h $229.00 PRM-PLTAP1536S 36”w x 15”h $244.00 PRM-PLTAP1542S 42”w x 15”h $278.00 PRM-PLTAP1548S 48”w x 15”h $300.00 PRM-PLTAP1554S 54”w x 15”h $327.00 PRM-PLTAP1566S 66”w x 15”h $343.00 Acrylic Privacy Divider Brackets List Price PRM-PLTSDTM $81.00 Universal Desk Mount Bracket (Pair) Can be mounted in any position, above or below worksurface. PRM-PLTSBUDMSGL $94.00 Edge Mount Bracket (Pair) Can be used above or below worksurface. PRM-PLTSBUDMDUAL $128.00 Dual Desk Mount Bracket (Pair) To be used as a single privacy panel between two shared worksurfaces. IN STOCK BRACKET FINISHES: Silver and Black Optional Caster - 4 pack (2 Locking) PRM-83CASTER List Price: $145.00 SEE PAGE 84 & 104 FOR CHAIRS SHOWN PREMIERA I HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE 1 W W W W W W Select Items W 38