2022 Office Furniture Catalog_Standard

AARCO Rite Wall ® List Price AAR-RW8448 84”Hx48”W 1 panel $957.95 AAR-RW8496 84”H x96”W 2 panels $1,796.87 AAR-RW84144 84”H x144”W 3 panels $2,820.05 AAR-RW84192 84”H x192”W 4 panels $3,843.23 Rite Wall®makes any wall into a collaborative showcase. •1/8" perimeter frame (figure 1) •Can be made to match wall size •6100SE Low Gloss Porcelain •Secure Z-Bar mounting (figure 2) •"Spine" joint seams (figure 3) Figure 3 “Spline” Joints for Rite Wall ® Figure 2 Z-Bar Interlocking Hanging System Aarco Rite Wall® Institutional Series Porcelain Markerboards En Noir 120 Series Markerboard Figure 1 Anodized Aluminum Trim for Magnetic Glass Rite Wall ® The multi-purpose institutional series is an excellent choice for those seeking a superior writing surface for life. At a budget price point, this markerboard will uphold all of your expectations. A top-of-the-line choice for professionals. The featured black porcelain in Aarco’s 120 series frame provides high visibility and contrast. This board will be sure to catch your viewer’s eye! $712.43 $812.55 AAR-120A-48B AAR-WOS4896 48" x 96" $604.35 AAR-WDS4896 48" x 96" 48" x 96" $364.21 $304.24 $14.50 $546.32 $620.85 En Noir 120 Series Markerboard Multi-Purpose Satin Anodized Aluminum Frame Markerboard Multi-Purpose Oak Frame Markerboard White Dry-Erase Markers (4 Pack) List Price List Price List Price List Price AAR-120A-34B AAR-WOS3648 AAR-BBM-4 AAR-120A-46B AAR-WOS4872 36" x 48" $305.40 AAR-WDS3648 36" x 48" 36" x 48" 48" x 72" $460.70 AAR-WDS4872 48" x 72" 48" x 72" AARCOI VISUAL DISPLAY All items on this page are available by SPECIAL ORDER Call for pricing and lead time. 156