2022 Office Furniture Catalog_Standard

TENNSCOI LOCKERS 1 TENNSCO™Lockers Tennsco lockers are built to be durable and quiet. Heavy-gauge steel doors on single-tier and double-tier lockers are designed with door stiffeners, cushioned locking channels, rubber bumpers, and an ultra-smooth latching mechanism which work together to reduce noise and improve door operations. Box Lockers are ideal for securely storing smaller items like purses, lunches, books, and athletic gear. The efficient six tier configurations give schools, clubs, and hospitals the necessary storage capabilities without taking up valuable floor space. Single and Double Tier lockers are roomy enough for just about any secure storage application. Single Tier are our most popular general purpose locker. Double Tier Lockers give you twice as many lockers in the same space as single tier, yet providing plenty of hanging room for shirts and jackets. Six High Box Lockers Box Locker Features: • Single-wide overall dimensions: 12”w x 18”d x 72”h • Three-wide overall dimensions: 36”w x 18”d x 72”h • Rugged padlock hasps • Flush louvers for ventilation TNN-BS6-121812-A 12”w - 6 Openings List Price: $780.00 TNN-BS6-121812-C 36”w - 18 Openings List Price: $1,943.00 IN STOCK: Med. Gray / Sand Wall Mounted Lockers Limitedfloor space? Consider our Three/Four Person Wall Mounted Locker. Individual boxes are welded together for added strength. The included coat rod offers conventient hangining for long garments or it can be left off for flush mounting. • Comes welded, except for coat rod and brackets • Optional built-in locks • Rugged padlock hasps • Flush louvers for ventilation • Doors available in a variety of styles including standard, ventilated and C-Thru • Optional locks and other accessories are available 3 Person Wall Mounted Lockers TNN-BS1-121812-3 Opening: 12”w x 18”d x 12”h Overall: 36”w x 18”d x 12”h List Price: $703.00 4 Person Wall Mounted Lockers TNN-BS1-121812-4 Opening: 12”w x 18”d x 12”h Overall: 48”w x 18”d x 12”h List Price: $768.00 2 3 1 2 4 3 4 * * 142