2022 Office Furniture Catalog_Standard

VIRCOI EDUCATIONAL Zuma® Floor Rocker List Price VIR-ZFLROCK18 $330.00 Zuma® 4-Leg Stack Chair VIR-ZU418 18” $330.00 VIR-ZU415 15” $300.00 VIR-ZU413 13” $284.00 Zuma® Rocking Chair VIR-ZROCK18 18” $461.00 Zuma® Task Stool VIR-ZTASK18 16” - 20 1/2” $707.00 Zuma® Adjustable Height Lab Stools VIR-ZLAB 19 1/2” - 27” $846.00 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 VIRCOZuma® Series The Zuma® Series chairs bridge the gap with seating that offers ergonomic support, playful style and durable construction. 3 4 5 Virco’sprimary customer base is Education including; preschool - 12th Grade; junior and community colleges; four-year colleges and universities; trade, technical and vocational schools. Every campus has a variety of furniture needs. From traditiional classrooms to technology labs and everywhere in between, schools require different furniture items to meet different applications. It’s important to evaluate a range of prducts so that you can make an informed decision about what’s best for your school. All items on this page are available by SPECIAL ORDER Call for pricing and lead time. 138