2021 Office Furniture Catalog_Standard

The fl oor-to-ceiling Marker Wall. Rite Wall features a thin line perimeter trim that blends with the room’s environment. Rite Wall incorporates a porcelain on steel markerboard surface with low gloss fi nish. Z bar mounting hangers keep Rite Wall fl at and plumb with the wall beneath it. This feature makes Rite Wall a perfect compan- ion for any short throw projection systems requiring close tolerances for resolution. Rite Wall utilizes spline joint seams to provide fl at hairline joints between panels and turns any room or corridor into a collaboration showcase. “Keep that thought” and record it or share it with others on Rite Wall. Rite Wall is available in several popular and convenient sizes or design your own! We can assist you with your own customized Rite Wall fl oor-to-ceiling writing surface. All porcelain on steel Rite Wall products have a full lifetime condi- tional warranty. AARCO Rite Wall List Price AAR-RW8448 84”h x 48”w 1 panel $837.00 AAR-RW8496 84”h x 96”w 2 panels $1,570.00 AAR-RW84144 84”h x 144”w 3 panels $2,464.00 AAR-RW84192 84”h x 192”w 4 panels $3,358.00 AARCO Glass Rite Wall 60” h List Price AAR-GRW6048 1 panel $950.00 AAR-GRW6096 2 panels $1,859.00 AAR-GRW60144 3 panels $2,775.00 AAR-GRW60192 4 panels $3,700.00 AARCO Glass Rite Wall 84” h AAR-GRW8448 1 panel $1,325.00 AAR-GRW8496 2 panels $2,600.00 AAR-GRW84144 3 panels $3,945.00 AAR-GRW84192 4 panels $5,260.00 Magnetic Accessory Trays For use with Traditional Magnetic Markerboards AAR-MCT-12 12” List Price: $36.35 AAR-MCT-18 18” List Price: $65.00 For use with Glass Magnetic Markerboards AAR-RMCT-12 12” List Price: $58.00 AAR-RMCT-18 18” List Price: $87.00 For use with traditional magnetic markerboards and magnetic glass markerboards. Trays are held in place by built-in magnets and can be relocated to di ff erent areas of the markerboards as needed. 12” and 18” length Glass Rite Wall features 1/4” thick tempered low iron glass with mag- netic properties enabling the use of Rare Earth magnetic accessories and Rare Earth magnets for holding papers. The panels are available in two popular standard sizes, 60”h x 48”w and 84”h x 48”w sheets. When mounted side by side, these sheets create a full marker wall. These convenient sizes permit mounting the panels without interfering with wall electronics, etc. If exact width and/ or height are required, we can assist with designing custom sizes to span fl oor-to-ceiling and end-to-end. The EZ mount “Z” bar mounting makes it easy to mount “Glass Rite Wall” to any wall. If you desire to cover from fl oor to ceiling, we can provide other methods to mount the panels. 1 1 2 2 2 ALL ITEMS ON THIS PAGE ARE SPECIAL ORDER VISUAL DISPLAY | AARCO RITEWALL 148