Office Furniture 2020 Buyers Guide

Sandusky LEE ® Cabinets Storage Cabinets Double door storage cabinets are available in 78” high, 72” high, or 42” high. All have adjustable shelves and 3 point locking system. 180 lb shelf capacity. 72” High Storage Cabinet - 36”w x 18”d LMP-CA41361872 List Price: $698.00 78” High - 24” Deep Storage Cabinet - 36”w x 24”d (Not Shown) Now also available in Black finish. LMP-CA41362478 List Price: $872.00 42” High Storage Cabinet - 36”w x 18”d LMP-CA21361842 List Price: $528.00 Combination Cabinets This storage/wardrobe cabinet features adjustable shelves, garment rod and a 3-point locking assembly. Combination Cabinet - 72”h x 36”w x 18”d LMP-CAC1361872 List Price: $795.00 Features a chrome swing handle with lock and keys. IN STOCK: Putty / Black / Lt. Grey Combination Cabinet - 72”h x 46”w x 24”d (Not Shown) * LMP-EACR462472 List Price: $1,280.00 Features a locking recessed handle with keys. 230 shelf capacity. 1 1 2 3 2 3 4 Sandusky LEE ® Storage Lockers Ideal to meet personal storage needs for small business environments. Durable welded steel storage lockers with powder coat finish available in 10 colors. All lockers are Greenguard Certified. Louvered vents on doors for proper air ventilation. Recessed handle with finger lift latch; Five-Tier lockers have a friction catch door pull with steel hasp. All lockers accommodate a padlock (not included) and include a number plate for each door. Single Tier - One 66”h compartment with top shelf, two side hooks and a center hook. * LMP-LF1B151866 List Price: $464.00 Double Tier - Two 30”h compartments with two side hooks. * LMP-LF2B151866 List Price: $485.00 Triple Tier - Three 19”h compartments with two side hooks. * LMP-LF3B151866 List Price: $531.00 Five Tier - Five 11”h compartments * LMP-LF5H151866 List Price: $586.00 5 6 7 4 5 6 7 Also available on SPECIAL ORDER basis in the colors shown at NO ADDITIONAL UPCHARGE! 96