Office Furniture 2020 Buyers Guide

Corner Desk Shell PRM-PL134 (2) / Bridge PRM-PL193 (2) / Bullet Table PL147 (1) / Leg PRM-PL147-Leg (1) / Return Shell PRM-PL179 (2) / Deluxe Pedestal PRM-PL166 (2) / Quarter Round Bookcase PRM-PL160 (2) / Post PRM-PBP12 (6) / Posts PRM-PBP24 (10) / Frosted Panel PRM-PBPG1230 (2) / Frosted Panel PRM-PBPG1242 (2) / Grey Panel PRM-PBPF1242 (4) / Grey Panel PRM-PBPF1236 (6) List Price: $8,655.00 Glazed Panels - Black and Silver Frames PRM-PBPG1224 24”w x 12”h $93.00 PRM-PBPG1230 30”w x 12”h $103.00 PRM-PBPG1236 36”w x 12”h $134.00 PRM-PBPG1242 42”w x 12”h $145.00 PRM-PBPG1248 48”w x 12”h $165.00 PRM-PBPG1260 60”w x 12”h $217.00 PRM-PBPG1266 66”w x 12”h $228.00 PRM-PBPG1271 71”w x 12”h $238.00 Tackable Fabric Panels - Black and Silver Frames PRM-PBPF1224 24”w x 12”h $93.00 PRM-PBPF1230 30”w x 12”h $103.00 PRM-PBPF1236 36”w x 12”h $134.00 PRM-PBPF1242 42”w x 12”h $145.00 PRM-PBPF1248 48”w x 12”h $165.00 PRM-PBPF1260 60”w x 12”h $217.00 PRM-PBPF1266 66”w x 12”h $228.00 PRM-PBPF1271 71”w x 12”h $238.00 Borders II Panels - Silver Frames These panels are available in all Visconti fabric or one side Visconti fabric and the other side in White Markerboard (magnetic) All Visconti Fabric 24”w x 12”h PRM-PB2SILV1224-VISC311 $103.00 30”w x 12”h PRM-PB2SILV1230-VISC311 $113.00 36”w x 12”h PRM-PB2SILV1236-VISC311 $134.00 Visconti/Markerboard 24”w x 12”h PRM-PB2SILV1224-VISC311-MWB $113.00 30”w x 12”h PRM-PB2SILV1230-VISC311-MWB $124.00 36”w x 12”h PRM-PB2SILV1236-VISC311-MWB $155.00 Newport Gray Modern Walnut Aspen Cherry Mahogany Mocha In Stock Finish Options Posts (2 posts required per span) - Black and Silver PRM-PBP12 12” Post $113.00 PRM-PBP24 24” Post $176.00 PRM-PBP36 36” Post $290.00 Rectangular Transaction Tops PRM-PBTR24 24”w x 12”d $134.00 PRM-PBTR30 30”w x 12”d $134.00 PRM-PBTR36 36”w x 12”d $165.00 PRM-PBTR42 42”w x 12”d $165.00 PRM-PBTR48 48”w x 12”d $176.00 PRM-PBTR60 60”w x 12”d $197.00 PRM-PBTR66 66”w x 12”d $207.00 PRM-PBTR71 71”w x 12”d $217.00 Corner Transaction Tops - (Specify L or R) PRM-PBTC36L/R 36”w x 12”d $176.00 PRM-PBTC42L/R 42”w x 12”d $186.00 PRM-PBTC66L/R 66”w x 12”d $207.00 PRM-PBTC71L/R 71”w x 12”d $217.00 IN STOCK: (Borders Panel Material) IN STOCK: (Borders II Panel Material) Frosted Glass Grey Tackable Fabric Visconti Fabric Visconti Fabric / Markerboard Borders Dream - Define - Create Borders transaction tops by Performance can be used to create reception, multiple, or single user workstations to meet your requirements. Borders has a solution that will work for you. Economical, versatile, and stylish. 1 List Price List Price 22