Office Furniture 2020 Buyers Guide

Lenox from Lesro is a modular seating system that provides complete layout flexibility for reception area and lounge seating applications. The graceful transition- al styling, endless fabric and healthcare vinyl options, and long-life comfort of the Lenox will give your space a light, airy look. Sophisticated yet affordable, the Lenox collection includes guest chairs, connecting chairs, sofas, benches, and an assortment of matching tables. Solid hardwood constuction provides years of reliable use, even in high traffic environments. Ideal balance of style, function, and value. Guest Chair LSR-LW1101G5 22.5”w x 26”d x 31.5”h List Price: $450.00 Coffee Table LSR-LW1470T5 40”w x 20”d x 16”h List Price: $426.00 3 Seat Sofa LSR-LW3103G5 55”w x 26”d x 31.5”h List Price: $1,284.00 2 Seat Sofa LSR-LW2101G5 44”w x 26”d x 31.5”h List Price: $867.00 End Table LSR-LW1270T5 20”w x 20”d x 20”h List Price: $296.00 1 1 Willow from Lesro presents a sophisticated and wel- coming silhouette. Available in guest, bariatric, loveseat and sofa models, both arm and armless. Willow is per- fect for reception, lounge and collaborative applications. The Willow collection also features uniquely shaped complementary tables. Willow’s heavy duty construc- tion will provide years of reliable use even in high traffic environments 2 Sofa LSR-WL3501G5 76”w x 27”d x 34”h List Price: $1,898.00 Guest Chair LSR-WL1401G5 26”w x 27”d x 34”h List Price: $925.00 Conversational Table LSR-WL1636T6 36”w x 36”d x 16”h List Price: $598.00 Personal Table LSR-WL1350T6 18”w x 12”d x 27”h List Price: $453.00 2 Seat Bench LSR-WL1005B6 48”w x 24”d x 18.5”h List Price: $749.00 2 Evoke Noir Grade 3 Evoke Grey Mist Grade 3 Evoke Pacific Grade 3 Couture Thimble Grade 3 Couture Tailor Grade 3 Couture Basting Grade 3 Phrase Marine Grade 3 Phrase Maze Grade 3 Phrase Cayenne Grade 3 Echo Peppercorn Grade 4 Echo Cabochon Grade 4 Echo Seaport Grade 4 (All pricing shown in Grade 2) (All pricing shown is Grade 2) RECEPTION ROOM | LESRO All Lesro products shown on available on a SPECIAL ORDER basis. 111