Project Management

Aren't you too busy to do this alone? Let us help you.

Our outside sales staff can go with you as a consultant when you are talking to your customers about furniture. We will help you measure the space, advise what product might work best, and even help with color selection. Our in house designer will draw the project in 2d and 3d and give you a list of all the items you will need for the project. We can provide a formal quote for the project and even give you some advice about competive pricing so you can get the sale!

When you place your order we can combine products from multiple sources into one shipment either to you or your installer. We can also ship products directly to your customer for a small drop ship fee. 

If you do use a 3rd party installation company, we can provide drawings and training for them so they know exactly what to expect when they get on site and start the installation. If something does go wrong we can work with you or the install to correct it immediately. 

All of these these services save you a tremendous amount of time and money!