Integrated Website

The website offers a variety of tools for our dealers and their customers.

Dealers can log in and check stock, see their current pricing, and find out when new orders of products are arriving at DKA. Dealers with a login code can login and see the most current email specials. Editable versions of the email specials and warranty information can be found here also, this can be done from your phone, tablet or computer. So now you can check stock in your customers office and even give them a price and approximate lead time!

The furniture catalog can be viewed online as a Flipbook or a PDF. You can download the flipbook style to your desktop or download the PDF version to your desktop, tablet, or phone. Individual images and text can be cut and pasted into quotes and emails from the PDF version.

The image library allows you to search any item number even if you only know part of the number. All of the related images will be accessable for saving to be used in quotes and emails, even when an product is used in a group image. So if you search for an image of a PL166 pedestal you will get all of the individual images as well as the images where that item is in a group shot such as a U shape work station. Go to Image library to check it out.

In the resource area we have included some links to special catalogs and color brochures for the Tera panel system and our custom laminate furniture as well as our hospitality catalog. we will be adding more resources soon.